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2 May
Holy Communion in the Parish Church
Sun 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
9 May
16 May
Holy Communion in the Parish Church
Sun 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
30 May
Holy Communion in the Parish Church
Sun 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Welcome to Parkham Parish

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Welcome to Parkham. Moving south from the sea the parish includes the hamlets and villages of Northway, Horns Cross, Foxdown, Hoops, Newhaven, Goldsworthy, Parkham Ash and Broad Parkham. The parish consists of approximately 830 people and 300 dwellings.



Stanley Court


Pearce Homes are currently building new homes in Parkham and are pleased to advise there will be four homes available which are to be primarily offered to local residents only.

All four properties will be 2 bedroomed – there will be two for shared ownership, one for rent and one for low cost open market.

Anyone interested in one of these amazing new homes for locals will need to meet the councils local tie criteria (age is not a limiting factor).

For shared ownership (available March 2021), and the low cost open market (December 2021) buyers should pre-register an account with ‘Help to Buy South’ at https://www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk/ and request the local tie questionnaire from the contacts below.

For the rental (March 2021) homes, please register your interest by emailing your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.

We will then forward to you the questionnaire for completion which will need to be submitted to the local council to ensure the local tie criteria is met.

Parish Council meeting in brief

A Parish Council meeting was held on Monday, 29 March, chaired by Councillor Bridger and attended by Councillors Dack, Heywood, Lang, Richmond-Price and Slee.


Mr Adrian Avery, Community Engagement Officer from Torridge District Council introduced himself and gave details of his role working with communities, promoting opportunities, investigating the sport and leisure remit and working with the economic team.


Representations from the public.

There had been a number of requests for allotments which was discussed later in the meeting.

Further representations had been received regarding 30mph road signs on all entrance roads into the village of Parkham.


Apologies were received from County Councillor Inch who was attending a full Torridge District Council meeting in his capacity as a District Councillor.  

It was thought that the District Councillors would also be at the same meeting.


Declarations of Interest. Councillor Bridger declared a Prejudicial Interest in relation to Finance.  Reimbursement to him of cheque for purple spotlight filters.

Councillor Lang declared a Personal Interest in relation to the Devon Air Ambulance Night Landing Site, being on his land.

Councillor Lang declared a Prejudicial Interest in relation to a new Lease in connection with land for a Public Open Space being gifted to the Parish Council, being a Trustee of the Allardice Hall.

Councillor Heywood declared a Prejudicial Interest in relation to Planning Application 1/0319/2021/FUL – The Bell Inn, being an employee.


The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 15 February by Zoom were approved as a correct record. 


Reports. Councillor Bridger gave details of his meeting with South West Water, Torridge District Council and other stakeholders regarding the Bucks Mills Sewage Application. 

Mrs S Squire, Parish Clerk had circulated a written Report on her attendance at an internal controls course.


Planning and Planning Correspondence.  Three applications were considered and decision notices granting planning consent were noted.


Finance.  Councillors had been circulated with the balances and budgetary figures ahead of the meeting.

An urgent item was considered being a request from The Friends of Parkham School for a donation of £1,000 towards new library books and this was approved.

Payments were authorised.

Councillors decided to close the Lloyds Bank current account and move it to Unity Trust Bank.  All transactions will be online and payments made by BACS.

Councillor Dack was nominated to be the Councillor to approve the payments after they have been approved at a Parish Council meeting.

Councillor Bridger was nominated to be the Councillor to authorise the Clerk to make the BACS payments as detailed at a Parish Council meeting with the details being double checked by Councillor Dack. 

A letter of thanks had been received from the Devon Air Ambulance Trust for a donation of £34.95 for a single set of PPE equipment for use by a paramedic while attending a patient.

VAT reclaims had been made for the period 1/4/18 to 31/3/21.

Details of the forthcoming 2021/22 audit were given. 


Items to discuss.  16 items were considered.

Items to note.  This comprised 4 items.


Urgent items raised by the Chairman.  Three items were considered.

Allardice Hall Lease.  Councillor Bridger gave the updated position.

Date of next meeting:  Monday, 26 April at 7.30pm by Zoom.

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