Housing Needs Assessment

AECOM has been commissioned to provide design support to the Parkham Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, through the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) - funded Neighbourhood Planning Programme, led by Locality.  The following is an extract from the section of their report on affordable housing.


"The need for Affordable Housing

1.14 This study estimates the need for 16.1 affordable rented homes over the plan period and 31.7 affordable home ownership dwellings.

1.15 AECOM suggests an indicative mix chiefly in response to the expectation that the delivery of Affordable Housing will be significantly lower than the needs identified. The report suggests a 70% social/affordable rented to 30% affordable home ownership split.

1.16 Looking specifically at affordable home ownership products, it is recommended that 25% of Affordable Housing is delivered as First Homes. In Parkham it is suggested that these are delivered at 40% discount. For variety it is recommended that 5% of Affordable Housing is delivered as shared ownership, with 10% equity accessible to households with two lower quartile earners. Rent to Buy does not feature in this tenure mix in order to prioritise the rented tenures and because it is the least affordable tenure locally."


In order to read the report in full, please follow this link.

A further report on Parkham Design Guidance Codes can be found here