Some interesting facts from in and around the Parkham area.




Did you know that the last witches to be hanged on scant evidence came from Bideford. They were tried in Exeter in 1682 and a plaque to their memory can be found in Rougemont Castle.

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In 1861 there were 21 glove makers and 1 glove collector living in Parkham. The glove parts came from Torrington in pieces and were then sewn together by the Parkham ladies in their homes.

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In 1871 Anthony Clements of Cross Park Cottage, Parkham was found bludgeoned to death. The only known murder in Parkham. No one was ever convicted of the crime.

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There used to be a castle at Peppercombe which was ocPicture5cupied until 1908. Sadly it looked more like a large house as there were no turrets or battlement. On the plus side it did boast a water closet.

Little remains so no holiday let potential!


Joseph MW Turner the famous artist was very taken by the beauty in and around Clovelly and Combe Martin as shown in his sketchbook of around 1822.

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Thanks to Christine Butterworth