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Around Parkham Section Get ready to showcase the beauty and vibrant spirit of our beloved Parkham Parish through the lens of your camera! This exciting competition invites photographers of all ages to capture the essence of our charming community in the Around Parkham Parish category.

From the rolling hills and lush meadows that surround us to the historic buildings and bustling village life, your photos should reflect the everyday magic that makes Parkham Parish so special . Whether it's a breathtaking landscape, a hidden gem, or a slice of local culture, we want to see it all!

The competition is open on 15th July and closes 12th  August, so start snapping those shutter-worthy moments.

Parkham Parishioners will vote online for their favorite images, and the photo with the highest number of votes will be the grand winner .

This is your chance to share your unique perspective and celebrate the beauty of our community. So, grab your camera and let's capture the essence of Parkham Parish together!

Ready to enter

When you have taken your picture and are ready to enter the competition, upload it to the website by clicking on the Submit Entry button above and follow the instructions.