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AH Allardice Hall Bookings

Allardice Hall Room Booking Instructions

  1. Contact the booking office: Reach out to the designated booking office via phone or email.
  2. Specify your requirements: Clearly communicate the date, time, and the desired room (Large Hall, Small Hall, or Committee Room), along with any additional equipment or services needed.
  3. Provide event details: Describe the nature of your event, estimated number of attendees, and any special requirements or accommodations needed.
  4. Confirm and pricing: Inquire about the availability of the requested room and understand the pricing and any associated costs for the booking.
  5. Review and finalize: Review the booking details, ensure accuracy, and proceed to finalize the booking by providing necessary personal or organizational details and making any required payments or deposits.
  6. Receive confirmation: Await confirmation of the booking via phone or email.

Allardice Hall Initial Enquiry Form