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Parkham's Public Open space

The following list is the suggestions that have been made for “things we
would like to see” in our new space. We also need to think of a name
for it. Keep thinking and let us have further suggestion as soon as
possible. We hope to hold a public meeting in the Allardice Hall as soon
as covid regulations are lifted – probably August -Watch out for an

1. All-weather multisport area (MUGA)/
2. Allotments
3. Wild life area
4. Dog proof fencing/ Child proof gates
5. Fruit Tree Orchard
6. Picnic Tables/ Seating
7. Outdoor cooking area
8. Quiet Area
9. Secure fencing and gates
10. Shelter
11. Storage for equipment/ chairs
12. Space for children centre activities
13. Open air 10m swimming pool
14. Skateboard Park
15. Cycle/ Walking track
We also need to consider arrangements for regular maintenance and
upkeep as these will have cost implications for the future.
Any Further Ideas contact:

G. Bridger
Parkham Parish Council
Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parkham Pantomime

Parkham did have a very strong tradition of producing a spectacular “Village
Pantomime” every year. This was due to the experience and enthusiasm of Tim
(boo, hiss) and Marion (hurrah) Attewell and their merry band of helpers (hip, hip
etc) for nearly 40 years. The group covered every aspect of the production from
make-up and scenery to scripts and costumes.
Recently, a Parishioner has asked the question “Why not do it again?” (Oh yes, he
did). Is it possible that the best years of the pantomime are not behind you but still
with us? Marion has offered her experience and encouragement to a new
generation of pantomimers. In the hope that sufficient people come together to
form a company of all ages in a new production.
If you could contribute something to a new production team, please let Parkham Pie
know of your interest (by email or phone) so that we can arrange a meeting when
Covid restrictions allow (Boo Boo) and who knows, once again, “we shall all go to
the Ball”? Marion (451 812) can give you more information about the past

Parkham Allardice Hall Prize Bingo

We are sorry to announce that we have suspended our Prize Bingos with immediate effect due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Unfortunately this does mean we will miss our Easter Bingo.

When it is considered safe we will resume later this year. Date to be advised by posters, local paper listings, Parkham Pie and the parish website www.parkhamparish.org.uk

If you would like updates concerning the re-start, you can email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave your number on 01237 451210. I do already have some contact details taken at our last Bingo.

Our Best wishes go to all our loyal supporters and helpers at this difficult time.

Police News And Advice 

Courier and Telephone Fraud.

This is a fraud that is mainly targeting the elderly and vulnerable in our communities. These scams are becoming increasingly prevalent in the Devon and Cornwall area. If you are elderly or know someone who is elderly or vulnerable, please ensure you/they know how to spot and avoid this type of fraud.

Operation Fardel is the Devon and Cornwall Police response to this crime type. If you have received a call from a fraudster that has attempted to deceive you or has indeed succeeded in deceiving you please let the police know or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

We are here to help you but we need your help to successfully stop this happening to others, identify the offenders and bring them to justice.More


Telephone Fraud

How the fraud works: The potential victim gets a phone call. The fraudster pretends to be a police officer (says they are investigating a fraud on their bank account and have made an arrest) or they might claim to be from the victim's bank (they say they are investigating fraud relating to the account)More

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