Members of the parish were invited to attend a meeting to discuss the future
of the piece of land adjoining The Allardice Hall which will be given to the
parish as part of the 106 agreement connected with the development of 14
houses at Hawkan View, in future to be known as Stanley Court. The trustees
of the village hall will manage this land on behalf of the community who
wished to consult with the parish on its future use.

There were 37 people in attendance and the meeting started at 7.30pm with parishioners being invited to inspect the plans which were available on various tables. These were manned by members of the hall trustees who were able to answer questions and record suggestions.

Lester Bird opened the initial consultation meeting by giving a brief outline of the land and the Section 106 agreement.  The land will be a public open space that will be transferred to the ownership of the Parish Council on completion of the project. The council will lease the land to the trustees of the village hall who will manage it alongside the hall. A sum of £20,000 will also be given to the parish as a further condition of the 106 agreement. This money must be used to develop or maintain the land.

TONY LANG, Chairman of The Allardice Hall gave thanks to George Clinch for the land and thanked Parkham Parish Council and Torridge District Council for their input. Tony Lang went on to say that it will be a big job to take on the management of the land but he felt that the trustees had a very good track record over the last 62 years of managing and developing a major community asset.  He was confident that the success would be continued. In approximately 12 months the parish will have a sizeable piece of land offering the community a number of exciting possibilities.

Members of the trustees sub-committee then reported back on the discussions they had had with members of the public at the start of the meeting.

Firstly RICHARD BROOKE who is secretary to the trustees and also a parish councillor reported that a suggestion of utility open space had been made. A surface could be laid that would suit a number of activities. Car parking is a major issue and unfortunately this is not allowed in a public open space.

A quiet area with grassed area, benches & seating was suggested.

A footpath from the development to the gate in the corner of the public open space was noted. Would it be possible to divert this?

Whatever eventually happened with this area it would need further funding.

NICK DAY who has lived locally for 30 years reported the idea of a multi-use sports pitch.

Another suggestion was to move the existing playground onto the area and then free up that area for parking.

Community orchard was suggested.

Charging point for electric cars was suggested.

There were some concerns as consideration would need to be given to the neighbours and children walking through parking area.

EMMA BEER also reported a good opportunity for an all-weather pitch or further space for fete.

Further discussion then took place as suggestion of removing part/all of existing hedge as it would be difficult to see children in both areas (exiting playground and new area).

Open fronted shelter was suggested as the present one is coming to end of its life.


Some trees planted on area, vehicle charging point, all weather pitch and picnic area with tables.

Someone asked about size of land – approximately 60m x 36m (at widest point) which is between 1/3 and ½ acre.

Would it be possible to have a trade-off for the land? In other words, to make another area of land into a public open space and use some of the new land for parking.

Following these reports, the chair, Lester Bird opened the meeting for further ideas and discussion. The following points were made.

  • Would it be possible to remove existing hedge and plant with spindly trees?
  • It would be hard to maintain a grassed area and it would be up to AH to maintain it.
  • What insurance would be needed?
  • Lighting for the area, even low level would this be an annoyance to neighbours?
  • The footpath would need to be lit.
  • It could be costly to light this area.
  • What was defined as a public open space? It was replied ‘exactly what it says, available to public and totally open area, which public was access to at all time.
  • There is nothing for the young people of the village and need something for teenagers – need to get them outside and not indoors all the time.
  • MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) come in all shapes and sizes & for a variety of different sports.
  • Who would take on responsibility for booking of area, if it was a sports MUGA?
  • Will people be charged to use MUGA?
  • Who will pay for cost of maintaining a MUGA?
  • Suggestion of an outdoor gym, for all ages
  • Has anyone asked teenagers what they want – Reply by RB 350 letters have been delivered to houses in the area?
  • It needs to be something easy to use but not cost a lot to maintain – keep it simple.
  • A new housing development in another village has done something similar
  • Have any other villages been in the same situation?
  • It would be a good idea to see what the Westward Ho! Development did.
  • PPC should be involved with this too
  • Legacy from late Peggy Woodcock – would be great to use this for this area as she would have been delighted to provide a long-time legacy for the village.

The meeting was then told that all these questions and ideas would be taken forward by the hall trustees through the subcommittee. They will consult with the local authority on what is and what is not possible and report back to the community. It will not be possible to communicate through a mail shot in future as resources are mot available. All communication will be by email to those who have supplied addresses, through the village website, through Parkham Pie and notices on notice boards. Anybody wishing to be added to the email list or to make further comments is invited to contact the secretary to the trustees, Richard Brooke on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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