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Terms and Conditions for the Parkham Parish Photo Competition


These Terms and Conditions govern the Parkham Parish Photo Competition, with two categories: "Pets" and "Around Parkham Parish." The competition is open to all residents of Parkham Parish, regardless of age, and offers various prizes for winners in each category, determined by public voting.


  1. The competition is open to all residents of Parkham Parish.
  2. Entrants under the age of 18 must have their image submitted by a parent or legal guardian, who consents to these Terms and Conditions 69.

Photo Categories

  1. Pets: This category includes photos of domesticated animals, such as cats, dogs, chickens, and horses 9.
  2. Around Parkham Parish: This category covers photos capturing the essence of life and nature within Parkham Parish 9.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Each entrant may submit up to three photos in total. The same photo cannot be entered in both categories 29.
  2. Photos must be in JPEG format and should be a minimum of 1MB and a maximum of 5MB in size 9.
  3. Entries must be submitted digitally via the designated competition page on the Parkham Parish website.
  4. All images must be original works taken by the entrant. The submission of plagiarized or previously awarded photos is prohibited 9.
  5. The closing date for submissions is 23:59 on August 12th, 2024. Late entries will not be considered 7.

Voting Process

  1. All residents of Parkham Parish will have the opportunity to view the submitted photos online and vote for their favorite in each category 9.
  2. Each resident can vote once per category. Measures will be taken to ensure the integrity of the voting process.
  3. The photos with the highest number of votes in each category will be declared the winners 19.


  1. First Prize in each category: Two tickets to a local event or attraction.
  2. Second Prize in each category: A gift voucher worth £50 from a local business.
  3. Third Prize in each category: A photography book highlighting the beauty of Parkham Parish 3910 .

Rights and Usage

  1. By entering the competition, each entrant grants Parkham Parish a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, and exhibit the images on any media for promotion and educational purposes, with full credit to the photographer 9.
  2. Entrants confirm they have obtained necessary permissions for subjects and locations depicted in their images 9.

Data Protection

  1. Personal data provided by entrants will be used solely for the administration of the competition and will be stored securely in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  2. Entrants may unsubscribe from competition-related communications at any time 910.

Indemnity and Limitation of Liability